Start a Movement...

Build a Community Brand... 

Leave a Legacy... 


Make the DIFFERENCE you're meant to make.


Do you want to start a movement by building your brand around a community with a desire to make a difference?
It's an opportunity to merge your service or business with a mission to make a difference based on common ground or an unspoken bond that resonates with YOUR people as you cross paths online.


There are many strategies that utilize techniques designed to "hack the system" or use manipulation tactics that are transactional only or motivated by metrics.


Most of these techniques or tactics neglect that as humans our #1 desire is to connect.

To grow a loyal network or community you must focus on RELATIONSHIPS vs. the transactions or metrics.

And this is what I help my clients do!
In my experience the most effective strategy to building quality relationships while using online tools like social media is... CONSISTENCY.

But because of the overwhelm of information and strategies most struggle with being consistent.
I created Magnetic Online Networking to help you ELIMINATE consistency roadblocks by implementing simple daily habits that moves you towards YOUR specific goal.
No "hacking the system" required.
It's a custom approach SPECIFIC to you, your goals & your MISSION!
Considering that... Humans are wired for connection.
It requires a personalized approach.
Rather than using social media as a marketing tool use it as a RELATIONSHIP building tool.
People do business with people!
Magnetic Online Networking is an easy to implement system that makes RELATIONSHIPS priority while moving you towards YOUR specific goal by providing the tools, resources, & steps along with done for you support training to guarantee consistency at growing the most important business asset... your NETWORK!
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Build your COMMUNITY brand

More and more professionals & business owners are motivated to incorporate a mission into their service or business.

Some are taking their years of experience and starting a new business or creating a new service that has been on their heart for years.

And some are ready for a new approach and reinventing their brands to expand their business legacy to include a mission.

The foundation to a community brand is a drive to make a difference. 

The most important asset to any mission is your NETWORK


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Treion Muller - Modern Learning Architect

Natalie knows what it takes to successfully use social media to network and generate leads!
I have loved working with her on my own brand but also referring her to clients I'm working with, because she gets the job done with excellence.
If you want to jump start your business or personal brand get a hold of Natalie and watch the magic happen.
I adore Natalie Klun! Not just because of her smarts, beauty and big heart, but because she takes those qualities and turns them into quality results for her clients.
She makes the impossible possible. She can hold a big picture vision while making sure every small detail is handled.
I've tried to create some digital products in the past with no success. I had other experts help me but they didn't get the work over the finish line.
Natalie not only supported me by being an excellent project manager but by over delivering on what was promised.
She brings strategy, tools, wisdom and great execution to the party. You bring your information and your vision and that vision will become a reality if you follow Natalie's lead!

Alyse McConnell - Transformational Life Coach | Create Your Desired Life

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