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Become a well-known, highly sought-after, THE go-to Community + Lifestyle & Real Estate specialist in your market. 

"How to use the power of COMMUNITY to generate new business & REPLACE sales and lead generation mode." 

"How to use the power of COMMUNITY to generate new business & REPLACE sales and lead generation mode." 

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Exclusively for real estate professionals who want to generate new business without always having to be in sales & lead generation mode. 

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"COMMUNITY+ AGENT is a community for 

REAL ESTATE PROS who want to be a well-known, highly sought after, go-to lifestyle, community & real estate specialist for your market. "


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"COMMUNITY+ AGENT is a community for REAL ESTATE PROS who want to be a well-known, highly sought-after, the go-to Community + Lifestyle & Real Estate specialist for your market. "


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Meet Natalie...


I’m a Real Estate Broker turned Community Brand Builder for Real Estate.


I’ve spent 20 years in the real estate industry.

I had the opportunity to work on many transactions that benefited my community, local businesses, national and international businesses, and many many many families.

Yet, what brought me the most satisfaction was working with agents and helping them create success on their own terms with a real estate business.

I understand first hand…

  • The challenge of standing out in the sea of competition
  • The desire to have a constant stream of new business without using uncomfortable lead generation or sales tactics
  • Feeling overwhelmed by branding and marketing tactics that don’t produce results
  • Overpaying for low quality leads
  • Solely relying on referrals
  • The risks associated with building a business in the real estate industry  

 When it comes to your real estate business, I know you want to be the go-to real estate agent in your market and have a reliable and consistent stream of new business coming to you.

In order to achieve that you've got to do something different.

You need to be more than just a real estate sales agent. 

You need to be a community & lifestyle specialist, in addition to being a real estate expert.

This is who you’ll become when you build a Community Brand.

You deserve to be a stand out agent, be known as the expert you are, and be wildly successful in your real estate business.



I've created exclusively for real estate professionals an on-demand workshop, How to use the power of Community to generate new business & REPLACE sales and lead generation mode. 

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Emily Pedersen - Priority First Real Estate

Natalie is one of the best coaches I have worked with. I had the privilege of training with Natalie when I started my Real Estate Career and as she has transitioned into a coach I have been able to learn from her and grow my business. I would not be where I am today in my Real Estate Career without her.
I adore Natalie Klun! Not just because of her smarts, beauty and big heart, but because she takes those qualities and turns them into quality results for her clients.
She makes the impossible possible. She can hold a big picture vision while making sure every small detail is handled.
I've tried to create some digital products in the past with no success. I had other experts help me but they didn't get the work over the finish line.
Natalie not only supported me by being an excellent project manager but by over delivering on what was promised.
She brings strategy, tools, wisdom and great execution to the party. You bring your information and your vision and that vision will become a reality if you follow Natalie's lead!

Alyse McConnell - Transformational Life Coach | Create Your Desired Life

Treion Muller - Modern Learning Architect

Natalie knows what it takes to successfully use social media to network and generate leads!
I have loved working with her on my own brand but also referring her to clients I'm working with, because she gets the job done with excellence.
If you want to jump start your business or personal brand get a hold of Natalie and watch the magic happen.

After spending over 25 years in sales...

and feeling uncomfortable with MOST sales tactics. I discovered what it truly means to sell. It's less about how to sell and it more about the energy behind selling.

I wrote Taking the Sell out of Sales to share with others what I experienced after an incident at real estate prospecting school that led to drastically changing my approach to sales, prospecting, and lead generation.

This new approach I began to apply in my business building efforts...

Produced much greater results.

Much easier to stay consistent because it was more fun to do.

Greatly received and appreciated more by those who were on the receiving end of my business building efforts. 

Get your copy for $8.95 with shipping on me!