LinkedIn Leaders Interview

Nov 14, 2019

👉 Stop being in sales mode and what to do instead

👉 What’s missing from your sales process

👉 Why you’re not seeing a return on investment for your content creation efforts

👉How to overcome the trap of perfectionism

👉 How avoiding being vulnerable is holding you back…

All topics we dove into on this TBT interview with Heather Parady the Unconventional Leader Podcast host!

 Interviews are the one of best ways create value-based assets to grow your influence, grow your business and make the difference you are meant to make!

Are you actively perusing interview opportunities… podcasts, blogs, videos, articles, etc?

Trying to figure out how to standout, where to spend your time and what to do is OVERWHELMING. 

A viable option is to build a personal brand. 

But what if there's a more creative way that would…

  • Set you apart from the crowd
  • Easily attract the right people to you 
  • Put relationships to the forefront of your business building efforts
  • Move you towards your specific business and sales goals
  • Have hands-on support without having to train them

Build a Community Brand and put a stop to the “what to do” overwhelm. 

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