How to Avoid being Salesy

Jun 11, 2019

Does it keep you from putting yourself, your product, your service out here? How about initiating a sales conversation?

If this is the case, know that you are not alone!

I hear this all of the time.

There’s something about selling that even though you know you have a great product or service, it’s that initiating the conversation that can be extremely intimidating and I find that part of why it’s intimidating is because people are naturally defensive when they feel a sale coming on. No one likes to be sold to but, yet everybody likes to buy.

It doesn’t matter how good of a product or service you have you want to avoid being salesy.

There are three steps that I share with other women in business all the time when it comes to sales and wanting to avoid being salesy.

The bottom line is if you don’t have sales, you won’t have a business.


So, how can you get over this fear of being salesy so you can have more sales?


#1 is to believe in yourself.

It doesn’t matter how great of a product or service you have. It doesn’t matter how great of a lead generation system you have or how great your ads are, or how great your marketing is. If you don’t believe in yourself it will be almost impossible to be comfortable when selling.

I’ve had many conversations with women in business who are uncertain of them self and there is a fear of how they’re going to come across to others when selling.

When you believe in yourself it will be magnetic to those who have an opportunity to serve via your product or service.


#2 is believing in your product and service.


You must fully believe in the benefits and results that what you sell offers.

You want to have a conversation with someone about it and they feel the excitement coming off of you. That is the key. If they can’t feel how excited you are, then how in the world are you going to get someone else excited or believe in it.

When you go to initiate a sales conversation, if you are uncertain of yourself, unsure of how you’re going to present your product and service, and if you’re intimidated by the sales process, guess what they’re going to feel that energy.

Once you believe in yourself and believe in what you are selling the less and less you will feel uncertain when you are actively selling your product or service.


#3 is know who you are selling to.


This is a key step because knowing who your product or service will best serve will save yourself a lot of unnecessary rejection.

If you’re going out and you’re trying to sell to everybody and you keep getting rejected, that is discouraging and will chip away at your self-confidence.

Now, if you are focusing on those who you know that your product or service will benefit and that you have the opportunity be a valued resource to. The sting of rejection will start to go away because you are working amongst your people.

It’s knowing who you serve so in your sales efforts you’re offering it to those who it would be interested in doing business with you.

There you have it the 3 steps to avoid the trap of the fear of being salesy.

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