What's your business building vibe?

Sep 01, 2021

Have you ever considered the vibe you're putting out when you are in business building mode?


Your vibe is what dictates how someone feels after they've had an encounter with you. 


Energy plays a big role in building connections that will result in potential clients, collaboration opportunities, etc.


Unfortunately, we use terminology that hijacks the intention.


So what can you do to shift your energy to ensure a positive impact on how someone feels when they have an encounter with you!


I want to start with a very important business building effort… lead generation. 


And I want you to stop it. 


Wait, what? 


How will I be able to grow my business without generating leads? 


Think about it for a minute considering being mindful of your vibe. 


Do you want to be seen as a lead? 




Would you rather have someone approach by focusing on building a relationship with you, extending help on whatever challenge you may be experiencing or problem you are trying to solve? 


The problem with the technical terminology is that it hi-jacks the intention. 


I’ve got to “close” this deal in order to hit my goals. 


Umm… no one wants to be closed and no one wants to be a deal. 


How about focusing on daily business building activities that are intended to build rapport, establish trust, treat people like the human being that they are and not a number. 


And guess what… no one wants to feel like they are a number so we should really stop calling it a numbers game. 


It’s the shift in the intention i.e. shift in energy that… first will get you out of your head trying to figure out how you’re going to generate your next lead and the byproduct is you begin to become magnetic. 


People are drawn to those who desire to help, who are consistently visible i.e familiar to them, and who actively demonstrate that they can help them via their expertises or speciality. 


Let’s ditch the technical terms. 


I challenge you for the next month when you are in business building mode. 


Rather than say… I’m generating leads, say I’m looking for people I can help and then notice how different you feel when you are in those efforts and how differently you are responding too. 


Trying to figure out how to standout, where to spend your time and what to do is OVERWHELMING. 

A viable option is to build a personal brand. 

But what if there's a more creative way that would…

  • Set you apart from the crowd
  • Easily attract the right people to you 
  • Put relationships to the forefront of your business building efforts
  • Move you towards your specific business and sales goals
  • Have hands-on support without having to train them

Build a Community Brand and put a stop to the “what to do” overwhelm. 

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