3 Tips To Make Hitting Your Sales Goal Familiar Territory

Jun 21, 2019
If you missed hitting your sales goal in the past, I want you to know that it's not your fault. 
There's actually a reason why. 
Now, if your sales goal stretches you or if your sales goal takes you outside of your comfort zone, which I'm telling you it should, and you've missed hitting your sales goal in the past. 
The reason why is because your brain is wired to accept what is familiar and wired to reject what is unfamiliar. 
You’re literally a creature of habit.
Think about it, when you learned how to drive a car. It took practice, it took concentration, and it took the repetition of the habit to make driving a car familiar and to make the habit of being a good driver familiar territory. 
Now you just get in the car, you go on your way, you don't really think much about it. 
The same applies to when it comes to hitting your sales goal. 
When it comes to hitting your sales goal.
I've got 3 tips on how to make hitting your sales goal familiar territory. 
Tip #1 is to be consistent in the habits that are focusing on hitting your sales goal. 
It's the repetition and consistency of your sales goal hitting habits that makes them familiar territory. 
Tip #2  is you've got to believe in the goal that you set. 
I can't tell you how many people that I've worked with where they have a goal and they just don't fully believe in it. 
Yes, they are excited about their goal and they would really like the the goal that they set. 
But there's something that is keeping them from fully believing in the goal that they've set. 
What I do to help them is I plug their goal into a simple formula in order to break it down to the day and to create the exact roadmap of what they need to do to in order to hit their sales goal. 
A lot of times what ends up happening is they see it's possible. They're say, "Oh, wow, this is completely possible, I can totally do this. I now know what I need to be doing every single day.” 
In some cases they end up doubling their goal, or I've even seen some people triple their goal because they now see it's possible, they now fully 100% believe in the goal that they set, and have the exact road map to making it a reality. 
Bottom line, if you do not 100% believe in your goal, it's going to be really hard in moving towards that the goal you’ve set, it creates a barrier between where you're at and actually hitting the goal you’ve set.
Tip #3 is you've got to eliminate distractions. 
How many times have you worked all day and found yourself super busy and you take a step back and you look at what you've been doing all day. You’ve been super busy but, you haven't accomplished anything. 
Or you got things done, but nothing that was moving you towards hitting your sales goal. 
It's important to identify and then address those distractions, so you can eliminate them in order to get on track towards hitting your sales goal. 
There you have it, 3 tips on how to make your making your sales goal familiar territory. 
Now, if you’ve missed hitting your sales goal, or you’ve set a goal earlier this year, and you're just not on track to hit that goal. 
 Or maybe you're just getting started and you are ready to set a goal and you want to come out of the gate strong. 
If you would like help plugging your into a simple formula, to break it down to the day in order to create the exact roadmap on what you need to do in order to hit your sales goal.
If you would like help creating and scheduling the sales goal hitting habits to make your sales goal familiar territory. 
If you would like help in identifying and eliminating distractions and avoiding self sabotage. 

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