Greatest Motivator is...

Sep 27, 2022

Willpower is a limited resource. 

What can you do when motivation dips? 

Here’s a list of top tips to generate momentum that will move you towards your specific community growth and business goals. 


#1 Break your goals down

Preferably monthly. 

I find the smaller, bit-sized your goals, the easier it is to envision yourself successfully hitting them. 

The more you believe it’s achievable, the more likely you’ll do the necessary work. 

A goal is just a goal or a number without the specific habits that will move you towards them. 


#2 Incorporate an action plan 

This plan should consist of specific habits that are designed to support you in moving towards your goal. 

What should you be doing everyday in order to move you closer to your goal? 

Everything is a series of habits. 

You’re either intentionally moving towards your goal or trying a bunch of things hoping that something sticks or works. 

When you map out your habits and the steps that are proven to move you in the direction of your goals this will build momentum and consistency (the key for success when doing anything). 


#3 Avoid shiny objects 

It’s easy to fall down an endless rabbit hole of fads and trends. They are distractions. 

When you have a plan of specific action steps and success habits that are designed specific to your goal this will eliminate falling into a shiny object trap. 

Once you have momentum, are consistent, and getting results - than and only then you are ready to explore next level strategies to enhance your momentum. 


#4 Success is a product of quality relationships

This is why I specifically help my clients build community around them and their business. 

Relationships always have and will always be the foundation to business and success. 

Make sure your daily action plan and success habits are relationship focused. 


#5 Have support

Managing a business, growing your community, and delivering your services to your clients… oh and having a personal life is a lot for one person to manage. 

Having trained and qualified support is a key element in implementing an action plan and seeing results. 

This is why a big part of the service I provide my clients is helping them find and train a support person specific to their community growth plan and generating new business plan, so they’re assured to have continued momentum.  


#6 Greatest motivator is your progress, not your goals

Once you have the overall big picture in mind and you’ve broken your goal down into smaller chunks. (See step #1) 

This decreases the probability of overwhelm. 

When you break your goals down into bite sized chunks over a shorter time frame, this actually will increase your probability for getting and staying consistent. 

Over time your efforts will compound. 

As you see your progress your motivation will stay peaked and you’ll have continued momentum.


Trying to figure out how to standout, where to spend your time and what to do is OVERWHELMING. 

A viable option is to build a personal brand. 

But what if there's a more creative way that would…

  • Set you apart from the crowd
  • Easily attract the right people to you 
  • Put relationships to the forefront of your business building efforts
  • Move you towards your specific business and sales goals
  • Have hands-on support without having to train them

Build a Community Brand and put a stop to the “what to do” overwhelm. 

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