Do you have a good or bad relationship with your money?

Jun 11, 2019

 I recently read this crazy good book called Money… A love Story and it got me thinking about money and the relationship that we have with money.

I never thought about money being something you actually have a relationship with.

So, thank you Kate Northrup for writing this really great book!

I spend a lot of time helping others improve their sales and the #1 reason anyone wants to improve sales is to make more money!

So, considering the idea that you’re in a relationship with money, how do we make it the best freaking relationship as possible?

Here are the 3 lessons that I learned from reading 

Money… A Love Story.

Lesson #1 You must spend time building a relationship with your money. Up until now, I never thought about spending time with my money before. I always looked at it as a tool or resource but considering like everything else money is energy and the energy you are putting into your money is the energy you are getting out.

Ok. Starting to make sense!

Have you ever wondered why money seems to leave just as quickly as it comes in? And that if your bank account is less than desirable you might not be giving it the attention it deserves because it triggers the reminders that there isn’t enough, and your finances might be a sensitive topic and the less you are reminded of the financial state you in, the better.

But, is the lack of attention what is actually sending it away or keeping it away?

I learned like any relationship you get what you give. So, spending time with your money, putting your energy into your finances, having gratitude for what you have, and spending it with love these are very vital steps to enhancing your relationship with money and sending it the message that you are open to a loving and attentive relationship.

The next two lessons go deeper here by addressing self-worth and beliefs as these are key players in the relationship you have with your money.

Lesson #2 is that your bank account and self-worth actually have a lot in common. Now, this is a lesson on receiving in general and the belief that you are worthy to receive what you want and need. So, if you desire to receive more money, you have to take a look within and ask yourself, do I value myself and believe that I am worthy to receive the money that I want to receive, which leads to the next lesson.

Lesson#3 AND that is your beliefs could be blocking you from making the money you wish to make. If you are experiencing frustration, uncertainty, bitterness, maybe hopelessness around money, which in turn makes you avoid spending time with it.

Likely, what is happening it that you are unknowingly running up against beliefs that are stronger than your desires. Let me give you an example, a common belief that is shared amongst the masses is the belief of not being good enough. Fueled by the trap of comparison which has the reputation of hindering many goals and many dreams and is a massive road block to being bold and confident.

How we you stop the madness?

Gotta start by recognizing that beliefs are not concrete, but that they are flexible and changeable. It takes awareness and a realization that you can make a different choice when it comes to the belief, adopting a new and more empowering belief, and then be proactive in reinforcing those new beliefs.

Here’s a quick recap because we just covered a lot.

How do have the best freaking relationship as possible with money and that is to…

Spend time with it, being grateful for what you currently have, being attentive, and spend it with love.

Self-worth, self-value and our bank accounts have a lot in common so how do we up level our self-worth so we can up level our bank accounts and that is by examining our beliefs. Started with a common belief that is shared by many and that is not being good enough. Where did it come from, realize you have the ability to choose a new and empowering belief, and once again reinforce those new beliefs.

There you have it! The steps to having the best freaking relationship as possible with your money.


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