Secret to Selling on the OMG Show with Jamie Palmer

Aug 22, 2019

I was recently featured on the OMG Show Podcast. I'm a HUGE fan of podcasts and always honored when asked to be on one.

This podcast it was all about sales! 

What do you focus on when selling?

To me... selling is about building relationships.

One question Jamie asked me was how does someone start a sales conversation?

Now I get asked this question a lot. Sales conversations can be tricky especially when you are building your business online.

The secret is what you do prior to having a sales conversation. The focus should always be on building a relationship first. You have to establish trust before you can ever do business. 

Simply put yourself in your ideal clients shoes. If you were just meeting you for the first time and you instantly went into sales mode... is that a turn on or a turn off? 

Turn off! 

How do you begin to build a relationship? 

Starts by asking questions.

Get to know someone and what they need.

If you can help them and you've established trust, initiating a sales conversation is easy. In fact, you won't even feel like you are selling and they won't feel like they are being sold too. 

The reality is people don't like to be sold too. But they like to buy especially if your product or service solves a problem or gets them closer to their goal. 

Check out the full interview... were we talked ninja sales tips, how to overcome being awkward when networking and when selling, and best practice to be the most interesting person in any room.


Trying to figure out how to standout, where to spend your time and what to do is OVERWHELMING. 

A viable option is to build a personal brand. 

But what if there's a more creative way that would…

  • Set you apart from the crowd
  • Easily attract the right people to you 
  • Put relationships to the forefront of your business building efforts
  • Move you towards your specific business and sales goals
  • Have hands-on support without having to train them

Build a Community Brand and put a stop to the “what to do” overwhelm. 

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