Do you struggle with facing rejection when selling?

Jun 11, 2019

You know you have an amazing product or service but initiating the sales conversation can be a challenging and sometimes painful process, especially when you are putting yourself out there every day and all you are getting back is maybe some crickets…

How do you continue to show up every day excited and motivated to tell your story of your product or service regardless of the occupational hazard like rejection and how do you get the attention of your ideal clients?

Selling can be challenging and painful sometimes and as humans we are wired to avoid pain and wired to seek pleasure. Did you know that rejection triggers the same part in your brain as physical pain? So, it’s no wonder you avoid rejection because it’s as if you are avoiding physical pain.

If you are wired to avoid pain, how can you flip it, so you can confidently get the attention of your ideal’s clients and get your product or service into their hands?

In this blog, you are going to learn 3 tips on how to flip rejection and overcome challenges when selling.

To make each tip easy to remember…

I made an acronym for you and that is REP.

R.E.P. Think of it like an exercise rep, but it’s a rep for selling and thru repetition the less challenging selling will become.

Let’s break it down.

The R in R.E.P is to …

Recognize resistance

When selling rejection is a part of the sales process. No way around it. At times it can feel personal, but the good news is that when it feels personal it means that you care. You believe in what you are selling, and you know it will benefit and help others so when you put yourself out there and you are confronted with rejection it can put a damper on your confidence.

This is when the self-sabotage, that chatter you know that mind chatter. It begins to make you question your efforts, which is really the goal of resistance. When you recognize that this is what’s happening you are able to lessen the personal effects and turn off the resistance by moving into the E in REP and that is…

Exercise confidence over fear

The best thing to do in order to exercise confidence over fear when selling is to know your stuff. Know your product and services inside and out, know and fully experience the benefits that your product or service offers, and strongly believe in what you offer.

How this will support you when you are dealing with rejection when selling is you will recognize that your product or service isn’t for everyone and guess what… that’s ok, plain and simple. So, when you are the receiving end of a no… that doesn’t mean you suck, or that your product or service sucks, or that your communication and delivery of what you offer sucks. It simply means it just wasn’t for them and that’s it and you continue on to find those who it can and will benefit.

You do have a responsibility to be super clear on the benefits of what you offer, who is seeking those benefits, and clearly communicate what you offer in a way that connects. If your messaging doesn’t seem to be connecting, it’s important to get curious, ask questions, and make improvements where needed.

Ask anyone who has achieved a high level of success how often they have had to make changes, revisions, and take continuous acts of confidence when sharing what they offer, and they will tell you more than they can count.

Exercising confidence requires one very important element and that is where the P in REP comes in and that is to…

Practice consistency

Consistent action is gold when selling and is the best way to flip the fear of rejection when selling and overcome any challenges when selling. The more you do something, the easier it will become. Now, in the beginning of anything there will be nerves, uncertainty, and fear, but when you move forward with the nerves, with the uncertainty, and with the fear you are being active in getting over the hump. The reality is you will never be 100% ready and will never be 100% certain in your efforts. This applies to anyone and everyone who chooses to put themselves out there particularly when selling. The quickest way to tame the nerves, the uncertainty, and the fear is to take consistent action over and over.

Here are a few tips on how to be consistent; first is set up and follow a system or a plan to keep you on track. Second, fill up your tool box with the tools that will support your consistent efforts and last, but not least surround yourself with those who understand the journey you are on and who can support you and offer accountability to help you stay consistent.

So, there you have it. Now, have the REP’s to flipping the fear of rejection and overcoming challenges when selling.

Here’s a quick recap.

The REP’s to flipping the fear of rejection and the overcoming challenges when selling are #1 recognizing resistance, #2 exercising confidence over fear & #3 practice consistency.

When you recognize resistance and its relationship to the fear of rejection and how we are wired to avoid pain and rejection triggers the same part of our brain as physical pain, it’s no wonder that resistance has been so effective at holding us back. But now you are aware that is what is happening, and this awareness has empowered you to tackle it by exercising confidence over fear and to practice consistency when selling.

And just one final note before we wrap up when you are selling and when you are spending time growing your business… is that wouldn’t have been placed on your heart if it wasn’t meant for you to share it with the world.


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