Do uncomfortable SALES tactics give you the willies? 

Jun 11, 2019


If you said, YES. I can promise you this. First of all, you are not alone, and second you are in the right place! I am going to share with you, how to kick a particular uncomfortable sales tactic to the curb in order to empower you to sell with sincerity and unshakable confidence.

When you think of selling, what is one tactic that comes to mind?

Would you like a hint maybe? How about a doing a sales pitch?

Think about it for a minute… What exactly is a sales pitch? By definition a sales pitch is a line of talk that attempts to persuade someone so with that being said, I say it’s time we give the good ol’ sales pitch a makeover.

There are 3 steps you can take to make over this willie inducing sales tactic.

Step #1 

Before you even begin the sales pitch make over process you must connect or reconnect to your “Why”. Reason why this is important is that this will instantly transport you from

Sales mode to Purpose mode.

Your why contains the very essence of why you do what you do and how it can make a difference. It’s all about the “feels”. It doesn’t feel good to be pitched and is certainly doesn’t feel good to attempt to convince someone of anything.

What feels good is the energy that you give off and what they are feeling from you when you are delivering the message on how you can help them because you were in touch with your why.

Make sure you write your why down. Keep it where you can see it and read it as often as possible especially before you have any sort of interaction with someone who could benefit from working with you.

Steps #2 

When formulating your message, you want to focus on the results and not the features. Most of us lead with the features and then we wonder why we don’t have potential clients chasing us down. The key to getting them to respond to you with interest and without absolutely no persuading what so ever on your part is to emphasizes the result. You want your result to solve a particular problem, eliminate a pain or maybe get them to a place of pleasure quicker, sooner, faster. Once you have nailed down the result, you’ll want to show them how quickly you can get them there. So is it 30 seconds, 30 days, 30 years… ok maybe not 30 years. Ok, maybe not 30 years. That’s kind of a long time.

The key is demonstrating how you can eliminate a pain or how you enhance pleasure and how long it’s going to take.  Make sure you back up your claim with testimonials or reviews… which by the way 90% of us will making a buying decision based on a positive review. Which that’s a conversation for another video. But I wanted to throw that in there. Avoid making false claims and definitely don’t make any unrealistic promises. Be bold, back it up with your why, and you might as well have fun while you are at it!

Take a sheet of paper or maybe grab your laptop and start jotting down the results that you help someone get. A massive part of a sales pitch makeover is to load it up with the results and how long it’s actually going to take to those results.

Step #3 

Is to ask questions. Now, for those of us and I am guessing most of us, we’ve all endured a sales pitch at one time or another and we know that it is not a pleasant experience. So, taking that into consideration, you don’t want to put your clients through an unpleasant experience. How do you avoid that? Well, you listen more than you talk. You ask questions, you become a bit of a detective. The best way to determine how you can help someone is simply asking them and ask them really good questions, so you can uncover where they are needing help.

Once you uncover where they are needing help. You can personalize the message of your results and how they can get those results. You see the problem with 99% of sales pitches is they are kind of a one size fits all. Sales is a people business and somewhere along the way, “people” have been left out of sales.

It’s your job to bring the people back into your sales! 


Write down 3-5 questions that will help you gain insight and 

clarity how to best help your clients. 

Make sure your questions accomplish 3 things.

#1 What pain or problem are they trying to solve that relates to how you can help?

#2 What expectations do they have to solving this pain or problem?

#3 What are they looking to accomplish by solving this pain or problem?

Now, if your business is focused towards delivering pleasure… say you, sell delicious cupcakes. You will want to focus your questions on the pleasure your cupcakes bring to your clients.

The end of the day we all are looking to eliminate pain or enhance pleasure. Focus on either of those two points and you will get tremendous insight on how to best serve your clients.

Alright, there you have it. You have officially made over your sales pitch and that is how you amplify your confidence and super charge your success when selling!

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