How to Tell the Story of what you are Selling

Jun 11, 2019

How to Tell the Story of what you are Selling. 

I got an email with a very important question and it applies to a lot of people who have a product or service that they’re selling.

The question was, “I have a great product and great service but, I’m just not able to get my clients or my prospects to connect with what I’m offering and to actually become a client. My product and service is priced less than the competition but, my company offers 10 times the value the competition offers. Please help.”  

Do you feel like you have a great product or service but, you just can’t seem to get your clients to connect or your prospects to connect, purchase, buy, or invest in your product or service?

If that is the case, first you aren’t alone. It happens to all of us.

What typically is happening is likely you’re not connecting to what your ideal client would need or want by investing in your product or service.

What I mean and will give you a good example…

Think about if you were going on a vacation. You go online to do some research. You want to pick the perfect vacation spot because you’re so excited to take a break and  excited to go on vacation. You’re doing your research and every place that you click on it gives you information like population, economic factors, the trees that are native… just kind of random information.

It goes on to say, “This is how many miles you’re going to travel to get to this destination. This is how the plane will operate to get you there.”

Now, all important information. But it’s not information that you will take to consideration when deciding on your next vacation spot. It’s not making the connection.

Meaning you’re not going to book your vacation based on that information. You’re going to book your vacation based on the experiences that you’re going to have, what emotions are you going to feel while you’re there, how much fun you’re going have, what memories are you going create, and how are you going really recharge your battery while on this vacation.

That’s the picture that needs to be painted in getting you to say yes! 

Think about when you plug your product or service into the equation.

Ask yourself, what is the story that your product or service tells?  

How are you getting your ideal clients to their desired destination or to the desired results that they would like to have?

You’ve got to tell them the story and not just focus on the features and benefits but, focus on the journey that they’re going to take and how you’re going to help them get to the destination that they want to get to.

Here are important factors when putting a good story together.

#1 Knowing the results. Knowing what problem you solve. Knowing what pleasure, you will help them get.

As humans were driven or motivated by either getting out of pain or experiencing pleasure.

So, stop focusing on what your product or service does and make your focus on what is important to your clients and what is the experience they are going to have.

Do this by understanding their pain points or understanding what experiences that they want to have as a result in working with you or investing in your product or service.

#2 Ask really good questions in order to get information and to understand what is important to your clients.

When you’re formulating the story of your product or service you can incorporate your clients into that story and that is what will help them see what they’re going to experience when they arrive to the destination that your product or service will get them to.


Let’s recap.

In order to effectively tell the story of your product or service you must focus not on the features, but on the destination that your ideal clients will arrive by investing in your product or service. Understanding what is important to them in either the pain they are wanting to eliminate or the pleasure they are seeking and in turn telling the story of how your product or service will get them to their desired destination.


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