Boost your CONFIDENCE to Increase your SALES

Get top-rated confidence development + sales generating support

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Boost your CONFIDENCE to Increase your SALES

Get top-rated confidence development + sales generating coaching. 

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Sales are the lifeline to your business. 


If you're an entrepreneur or a business owner, I don't have to tell you how vital sales is to your success and business. You already know. 

Because there are numerous sales tactics being used that are designed to be manipulative.

It's actually quite common to feel uncomfortable with selling. 


Using willpower to overcome this discomfort will result in overwhelm, burnout, and lack of results. 


But, what if there's an explanation and a solution that eliminates the discomfort once and for all so you...  


  • Generate consistent sales without feeling like you're selling
  • Initiate sales conversations without feeling salesy or spammy 
  • Actually enjoying selling and seeing it as a means to make a difference via your service or product


If selling makes you uncomfortable there's a reason why. 


When there's a negative association to something like sales it will cause resistance. 


Resistance to selling leaves very distinct clues such as... 

  • It just flat out makes you uncomfortable 
  • You procrastinate anything that is sales related
  • You find yourself stuck in perfection mode and need everything to be perfect before selling 
  • You constantly looking for that tip or trick to relieve the discomfort you feel when selling
  • You struggle with consistency
  • You’ve invested in numerous programs and training to increase sales and nothing has worked

The problem when there’s resistance to selling is that no matter what training you do, strategy you attempt to implement or any business investment you make… nothing will work until you address resistance.

More SALES = Bigger IMPACT

Selling is simply an act of asking specific questions and communicating a solution on how you can help someone achieve a specific desired outcome.

The more you sell, the more you can make an impact via the solution you provide. 

What causes resistance to selling? 

Sales and selling has a bad rap.
Harvard business review reported that only 18% of people trust salespeople.
So, it’s quite natural to resist something that has an overall general negative association.

This should give you new perspective or understanding as to why deep down you avoid selling or feel discomfort when selling. 



You're not alone!


No one wants to be seen as untrustworthy and this will naturally cause resistance! 

Overcome resistance & experience CONFIDENCE when selling so you can...


Share what you are selling with those who will benefit from it. 


Communicate what you’re selling so your ideal clients will self-select to work with you. 


Be true to yourself when selling and make it more easy and enjoyable. 


Offer what you’re selling and never worry again about feeling salesy or spammy. 


Replace the self-doubt that held you back with confidence and have a new determination that will create the success you deserve. 


Reboot your motivation and energy so you can get what you’re selling out into the world.

Boost your CONFIDENCE to increase your SALES with Confidence when Selling bundle...  



Attract new clients while being true to yourself when selling and doing so with unshakable confidence.

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Transform your CONFIDENCE during Confidence Week: 7 Days to Selling with Confidence

Prep Day:

Prepare to experience Confidence when Selling

Day 1: 

Overcoming resistance to selling starts with this…

Day 2: 

Release resistance and replace with confidence by doing this…

Day 3: 

Significantly increase your confidence & success when selling

Day 4: 

Make YOU & what you’re selling irresistible 

Day 5: 

Effortlessly attract and get your ideal clients to pay attention

Day 6: 

Create predictable results when selling year after year 

Day 7: 

Reinforce your confidence when selling so it becomes your default 

Bonus Day: 

Put your Confidence when Selling to work to grow your #1 sales asset

Taking the SELL out of SALES

Sales is vital to your business and there is an approach that takes the sell out of sales.

  • Significantly increase your sales and ability to receive by focusing on this… 

  • How to sell that creates a win-win opportunity for everyone involved

  • Make you, your product or service irresistible to your ideal clients
  • Beyond selling... make a difference via your product or service 
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The 3 proven steps to overcome resistance to selling



Becoming aware of what is happening empowers you to shift the negative association.


Replace the negative association with a positive and supportive association. 


Implement specific habits to reinforce the positive association and create a new outcome. 

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Meet Natalie Klun



Sales wing woman helping...

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners boost confidence to increase sales.

"I believe the mores sales you make, the greater impact you'll have individually and collectively. Sales is means to make a difference in the world. " -Natalie Klun


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I've been in sales for 25 years.  

After many years of training, trial and error, trying to find that sales technique or strategy that would ease the discomfort.

I realized what was actually happening... 

I was resisting selling.

I became obsessed with overcoming resistance so I could do what I love (helping others) without hesitation and the worry that I would be seen as salesy. 

I went from resisting selling to experiencing confidence when selling and now I help other's do the same.

Is this for you? 

This is for you if...

  • You'd love to have consistent sales without feeling like you're selling. 
  • You'd love to build quality connections with those who you know would benefit from working with you, your service or product. 
  • You'd love to be able to sell with ease and enjoy finding people who you can help with confidence. 
  • You'd love to experience confidence when selling and make the difference you know you can make via your service or product. 
  • You're willing to put in the work to replace the negative associations with the positive. to experience unshakable confidence. 

This isn't for you if...

  • You're looking for a quick fix or magic tip without wanting to do any work. 
  • You prefer to use sales tactics that are designed to be manipulative. 
  • You're only interested in mass selling strategies and are not interested in building quality relationships. 
  • You're looking for a hack for quick wins only vs. a tool that will give you long term results. 
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Five Star Ratings


Natalie speaks from the heart with life experiences. I've always struggle with talking to people I believed were 'out of my league' when selling and Natalie helped me get over that fear.

-Kristen Alexander


It's wasn't until after I read this book that my life began to change. Everything in this book helped me personally as well as professionally. If you truly want to change your life I would recommend reading this book!

-Emily Pedersen


Natalie helps by sharing secrets on shifting from a sales to service mindset. This is something I believe in and look forward to other people positively moving their business and life forward!

-Jessica Peterson


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